Luxury bespoke home improvements serving Surrey and Sussex.


Why choose Raven Bespoke Improvements.

Every client is an individual which makes them unique so that alone makes every contract and situation different. At Raven Bespoke Improvements we are quick to act on this treating all our clients accordingly with this in mind from the onset.

Likewise every project is unique demanding different solutions to the project in question, which is where we thrive.

Most common customer complaints are due to dreadful communication, sub-standard workmanship, extra charges ie not be transparent in the first place and if you are unlucky all of these. This stops when you contact us, as we really are passionate about what we do which equates to: what we do you will love from start to finish guaranteed.

That said we do not undertake every project that may come along for many reasons whether  it be the client or the project or the quotation cost at Raven Bespoke Improvements we have to be comfortable with all of these.

Our Promise. (Important)

It is our opinion after listening to customers that have contacted us that the first point or the start of a customer relationship breakdown is after the contractor has taken the initial deposit which then leaves the client at the contractors disposal. 

At Raven Bespoke Improvements we eliminate this situation as you the customer will never be financially at risk because you only paid a £1.00 deposit , Yes that is a £1.00 deposit taken on every contract with the full balance on any contract be paid 24 hours after completion allow you enough time to inspect our work. 

We know of no other company that will offer this sort of reassurance to their customers. The £1.00 deposit must be paid by bank transfer and the obvious contract signed .

We also promise to keep you well informed from start to finish answering or returning every customers call ASAP and if there is even the slightest problem you will be given an honest answer not a made up excuse which seems to be the norm nowadays. Our staff and fitters are extremely polite and professional. We will respect your property as if it was our own and know that the quality of our work would put even some of the top companies to shame.  





Windows in Surrey

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Conservatory in Surrey

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The Woodhouse in Cherbruke was the perfect vacation home. The service is unparalleled. Thank you for making our experience spectacular!”